FREE Open Water Scuba Training

for US Veterans

and Active Duty Military

How it works

Step 1


Getting Started

Email us with:


A.  Your DD214 as proof of service and Honorable Discharge (you may block out personal information)


B.  Completed Discover Scuba Form


C.  A little about yourself and why you want to learn to scuba dive


D.  Your shoe size (to make sure we have the proper size dive boots available)


E.  Any questions


After we review your email we will contact you with date and time options for your Discover Scuba pool session

Step 2


Discover Scuba Pool Session 

Session and gear provided at no charge


Discover Scuba is a great way to see if diving is for you!


Each session includes a briefing and about two hours in the pool.  You will have a blast breathing underwater for the first time and learning a few skills. 


Sessions are conducted year round on weekends at a location TBD

Step 3



eLearning provided at no charge - $175 value


You complete about 15 hours of online learning about scuba diving.


Online learning provides you the opportunity to learn at your own pace. 


Topics include dive safety, the science behind diving, equipment, required skills and marine enviroments.


The curriculum is delivered through written content combined with videos and quizzes to track your progress. 


Upon completion of eLearning you will be ready for your confined water training!

Step 4


Confined Water

Pool Training

Semi-private training, eLearning Crew Pak and gear provided at no charge - $600 value


Confined water pool training is the next step to become a certified diver! 


There are several components:


A.  Quick review quiz of eLearning


B.  Water skills assessment which includes a 10 minute float and 200 meter continuous swim


C.  Equipment setup and care


D.  Five pool dives learning and practicing skills


Location TBD

Step 5


Open Water Training

Training and gear is provided at no cost - $300 Value


You will spend a weekend practicing your new skills in the open water!


After a site orientation, a total of five dives will be conducted over two days.  


Before each dive there will be a briefing which will cover the details of each dive and provide the opportunity to plan your first dives. 


Throughout the weekend you will progressively apply your skills and knowledge. 


Conducted over a weekend at Dutch Springs in Bethlehem, PA.  Entrance Fee for weekend is paid by the diver ~$80.